Reshma Patel loses the race for NYC Comptroller

New York: Reshma Patel was the only Indian American running for a citywide office this election cycle and as The South Asian Times wrote earlier this month, the most qualified to be the next NYC Comptroller, replacing Scott Stringer.

But she fell short as the results came out after the Tuesday’s Democratic primary election. Running in a crowded field, Patel received 5.2%, coming  7th with Brad Lander leading at 31.4% and Corey Johnson at 22.6%.

One of only three citywide elected positions, whoever is elected will have a big role in guiding the city’s economic recovery by helping to hold the mayor and the City Council accountable.

An MIT graduate, Reshma has had a long experience in finance in the private sector and had served as an advisor to the Comptrollerʼs office for a decade.

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