Restraining order against Tim Cook stalker Rakesh Sharma

New York: Apple CEO Tim Cook had a visit by this man in December who showed up with a bottle of champagne and flowers. This man now has a temporary restraining order against him from Apple.

Apple’s court filings against Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma shared by OneZero’s Dave Gershgorn reveals how the company has been ‘stalked’ and ‘threatened’ since September 2019. According to the court filings, Apple’s Global Security Specialist William Burns said Sharma called an Apple executive back in September. He also left “disturbing” voicemails to the Apple exec.

A more bizarre incident took place on December 4, 2019 around 10:30 pm when Sharma landed up at Tim Cook’s house. Burns explains how Sharma entered Cook’s house through the closed gate and without permission. During this time, Sharma “attempted” to deliver flowers and a bottle of champagne to Cook.

Sharma made another attempt on January 15 this year at around 9:00 pm. This time too he didn’t have permission, obviously, and rang the doorbell of Cook’s house. The police was even called but Sharma managed to leave before they arrived.

The court filings also reveal after the December incident, he tagged Cook in multiple posts on Twitter which contained “sexualized and inappropriate” photos of Sharma. He was also reportedly laughed at by an Apple employee for whom he asked cash settlement. On being contacted by CNET, Sharma said this is all a misunderstanding.

The restraining order against Sharma is temporary and expires on March 3. A court hearing is also scheduled for this day. (Source:

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