Review | Fursat: A simple, sweet film shot on iPhone

Fursat, out now on Disney+ Hotstar, is a simple yet ambitious short film that works mainly because of director Vishal Bharadwaj’s command over his craft. It is shot on an iPhone and revolves around a young man who is able to see the future because of a mysterious device, which he calls the Doordarshak.

Using the device, he comes to know that something bad is going to happen to his friend. Following this, he sets out on a mission to protect her. The plot is inherently interesting and caters to those fond of grand romantic dramas. That said, one gets the feeling that it would have worked better had this been a feature film.

The sequences in the film have a sense of urgency, which makes them feel haunting. Their impact is further enhanced by a twist, which feels natural and adds a new layer to the narrative.

Bharadwaj has never hesitated to convey important messages through his work. Take ‘Omkara’, an adaptation of Othello, for instance. The Ajay Devgn-led movie highlighted the devastating impact of envy and insecurity. ‘Fursat’, too, manages to convey an important message in its last scene. Moreover, the sequence has a sense of irony to it given the short film’s theme.

Ishaan Khatter is impressive in a role that gives him fair scope to perform. He tries to use his body language to bring out the emotions experienced by his character. Wamiqa Gabbi tries to convey a lot through silence and expressions.

The music, as is often the case with Vishal Bharadwaj’s films, proves to be the backbone of ‘Fursat’. The songs are hummable and filmed well. To sum up, ‘Fursat’ is a commendable film that caters to those looking for something short, simple, and sweet. (Courtesy: India Today)

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