Right, not the Centre: Rahul Gandhi adopts a new posture to please Hindu voters

Rahul Gandhi said Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu but the man who assassinated him, Nathuram Godse, was Hindutvavadi.

By Prakash Bhandari

“I am Hindu but am not Hinduwadi. Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu, but Nathuram Godse who killed the Mahatma was a Hinduwadi. A Hindu always searches for the truth, A Hindu always searches for the truth even at the cost of his life. Rahul Gandhi said while the quest of a Hindu is for “Satya”, the Hinduwadi always search for “Satta (power)”. He was addressing a rally in Jaipur against inflation and price rise on December 12.

Rahul said a Hinduwadi would always crave “Satta” in his life and could kill anybody to wrest power.  He said a Hindu would adopt the path of Satyagrah peacefully but a Hinduwadi will always look for “Sattagrah (lust for power)” even at the cost of taking lives. He used the word Hindus 35 times and Hinduwadis 26 times in his 31 minutes of address in the rally. Rahul said the country is reeling under high prices and inflation and these were created by the Hinduwadis.

Congress rally was organized against the price rise and inflation but the focus of Rahul Gandhi on Hindu and Hindutva clearly set the agenda for the grand old party for years to come. Gandhi himself stressed in his speech that the two words, Hindu and Hindutva, have influenced the country’s polity.

It was the biggest gathering of Congress glitterati since the pandemic began in 2019. Though Sonia Gandhi, the working president, was present on the dais but let the son, Rahul Gandhi, takes the center stage. She chose not to address the gathering. Priyanka Gandhi attacked the Modi government over inflation, price rise, and farmer issues.

From Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot proving the effectiveness of his ‘magic tricks’ of political management to Sachin Pilot being given a front-row seat at the stage, and absence of new Panjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi and PCC Chief Navjot Singh Siddhu were important political cues from the rally, but Rahul Gandhi’s focus on Hindutva is all set to echo in the strategy of Congress in future.

The “suit-boot ki Sarkar” jibe continues to be Rahul Gandhi’s favorite as he accused Prime Minister Modi of playing in the hands of Adanis and Ambanis, saying he always looks for an opportunity to give them financial benefits. He said the country comprises farmers and small traders, who create jobs which the corporate can never create.

How much the Jaipur rally will affect the congress campaign in five crucial states going to poll in 2022 but the new doctrine of Congress on a clear definition of Hindu and Hindutva was definitely aimed at keeping the record straight against the “saffron politics” of BJP.

Image courtesy of (Photo: Hayat News)

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