Rotary Club of Hicksville South hosts Zoom call on COVID-19 vaccine awareness

RCHS – the Rotary Club of Hicksville South hosted an important Zoom Meeting/Call on December 17, 2020, at 8 PM EST, inviting community leaders to join a round table discussion. The goal for the call was for creating awareness about the COVID-19 vaccination and prioritizing its distribution to the needy in the South Asian Community in Long Island, New York. 

Under the leadership of the Club President, Nilima Madan and the Founding President and the PDG, Kamlesh Mehta, the Zoom Call was well attended and briefly many community leaders spoke besides some public officials. With the final possibility of a vaccine to be made available publicly, as was declared by the Federal Government, and which has been in its distribution process on the basis of most needy first, all are looking forward to being vaccinated and finally feel safe.

Nilima Madan opened the discussion and invited the guests, one by one, to speak for a few minutes each. Due to the critical importance of the topic, many community leaders and dignitaries joined the call and expressed their opinions and shared their concerning views for facing and handling the pandemic with the arrival of the new vaccine. To name a few of the honorable guests and speakers, there was Honorable Consul General of India in New York, Randhir Jaiswal, NY State Senator Kevin Thomas, Nassau County’s Asian American Affairs Director, Farrah Mozawalla.

Indian American Community Leadership of various organizations, such Dr. Urmilesh Arya, Ankur Vaidya, Anil Bansal, Harish Thakkar, Isma Chowdhry, Sudhir Vaishnav, Gunjan Rastogi Gobind Munjal, Jay Mody, Roopam Maini, Quddus Mohammed, Aleya Jung, Mizan Rahman, Arjen Bathija, Alok Kumar, Vimal Goel, Narinder Kapoor, Vibhuti Jha,Dr Pandhi,  Nagendra Gupta, Bala Nagraj, Krish Rudra, Gobind Bathija, Bina Sabapathy, Mukesh Modi, Indu Jaiswal, Asha Dharawat, Koshy Thomas, Sunil Hali, Sandy Bhatia, Dr Vipul Patel, Dave Sharma, Dr Bhavani Srinivasan, Jyoti Gupta, Pinky Jaggi and many healthcare professionals, medical doctors addressed the attendees on the call.

Most speakers emphasized on the (a) availability of the vaccine free of costs, (b) the importance of being vaccinated by all members of our community, (c) giving the priority to the most needy ones – the frontline service providers first, and (d) the importance of continuing with the all-safety measures, including maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding public gatherings or large parties during the upcoming holiday season.  

The speakers have also acknowledged the importance of following the FDA guideline in distributing the vaccines to the general public, as it has started phase by phase of distribution of the vaccine, starting at the beginning of December. As per the FDA guideline the health care personnel and residents of long-term-care facilities will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine in the initial phase of the vaccination program.

There was a Q&A session towards the end of the meeting and Kamlesh Mehta thanked everyone who had joined the call. Ms. Madan asked everyone to be in contact for the coordination of the vaccination effort in the community. Club Secretary, Mizan Rahman concluded the zoom meeting wishing everyone for a happy holiday season and being safe out there.

Image courtesy of (Image courtesy: RCHS)

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