Russia adds Norway to its list of unfriendly countries

Oslo: Russia has added Norway to its list of “unfriendly countries” for allegedly targeting Russian diplomats abroad, further worsening its relations with the West.

The Russian government published the order Thursday, which restricts the number of local staff the Norwegian diplomatic mission can hire in Russia to 27 people.

In April, Norway expelled 15 Russian diplomats after accusing them of carrying out intelligence activities under diplomatic cover. Russia retaliated by expelling 10 Norwegian diplomats in what Norway said was an “act of revenge.”

Norway’s Foreign Ministry said it hasn’t yet received official information from Russian authorities but that there is no basis for saying Norway is unfriendly toward Russia.

“Today’s situation is due to Russia’s war against Ukraine. Russia can itself choose to end the war,” Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt told local media.

Huitfeldt added that the two nations, which share a border in the Arctic, have an interest in “functioning diplomatic relations … not least in demanding times.”

The United States and Czech Republic were added to Russia’s list of unfriendly countries in May 2021 and Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia were added in July 2022.

Image courtesy of TASS

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