Russia dismisses reports on military deal between Moscow, Pyongyang

Seoul: The Russian Embassy in Seoul denied reports that Moscow and Pyongyang discussed military cooperation at last week’s bilateral summit. Russian Ambassador Andrey Kulik was summoned Seoul’s foreign ministry this week over Moscow’s alleged discussions of military cooperation with Pyongyang during the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Yonhap news agency reported.

First Vice Foreign Minister Chang Ho-jin called for Moscow to comply with UN Security Council resolutions related to North Korea and immediately end moves to seek military ties with Pyongyang, the ministry said. The embassy said it “directly informed our Korean partners that the speculations circulated by American and South Korean media on this topic are unfounded.”

The embassy stressed Russia “consistently adheres to all the international commitments it has undertaken, including those related to the development of mutually beneficial relations with our good neighbor and long-standing partner, North Korea.

During the six-day trip to Russia, Kim held a summit with Putin and toured a series of key military sites amid growing concern about possible military cooperation between the two countries. He pledged to throw his full support behind Putin, saying the Russian army and people will triumph over “evil” forces, in an apparent endorsement of Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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