Russia releases list of ‘unfriendly countries’

The Russian government has issued a list of countries that are “taking unfriendly actions against Russia, Russian companies, and citizens,” and has imposed sanctions against Moscow. The list refers to nations that have introduced economic sanctions in response to the special military operation of Russian forces in Ukraine.

The list includes the United States and Canada, the EU states, the UK (including Jersey, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar), Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, North Macedonia, and also Japan, South Korea, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan, reported TASS News Agency.

The government noted that according to this decree, Russian citizens and companies, the state itself, its regions, and municipalities that have foreign exchange obligations to foreign creditors from the list of unfriendly countries will be able to pay them in rubles. The new temporary procedure applies to payments exceeding 10 million rubles per month (or a similar amount in foreign currency).

These nations have issued sanctions against Russia, Russian oligarchs, and President Vladimir Putin himself, which have all contributed to the collapse of the ruble.


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