Saints’ tight end Moreau says his cancer is in ‘full remission’

New Orleans: Saints tight end Foster Moreau says he is in “full remission” from cancer that team doctors discovered in late March.

“After a few tumultuous months, I’ve been blessed with the news that I am in full remission from Hodgkin Lymphoma!,” the 26-year-old Moreau posted on social media. “I’m so grateful to everyone who reached out to offer their love and support; our prayers were answered. From here I will continue to live my life as God intended.”

Moreau’s signing with the Saints would have come with considerable fanfare in Louisiana even without the unusual and compelling circumstances surrounding his health. He grew up in New Orleans and played for LSU before the Las Vegas Raiders made him a fourth-round draft choice in 2019, when the club was based in Oakland.

Now entering his fifth season, he was considering the possibility of continuing his pro football career in his home town when Dr. John Amoss, the Saints’ team physician, noticed an enlarged lymph node in Moreau’s left clavicle in late March. Amoss’ discovery led to a diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma, and Moreau initially announced that he would pause his NFL career to focus on his health.

Hodgkin lymphoma is a form of cancer that affects the immune system.

After further testing, Moreau said, doctors determined he had a rare — but very treatable — form of the disease, nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma (or NLPHL).

Moreau started 14 games last season for the Raiders and 25 games over the past two years. He has 91 receptions for 1,107 yards and 12 TDs in his career.

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