Saladino on delivering key services during pandemic

At the start of the Town Board meeting on Tuesday, November 17th, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino delivered his 4th Annual State of the Town Address.  The Supervisor highlighted actions taken to deliver important services during the COVID-19 pandemic while reducing costs for taxpayers and improving quality of life.  

“For nearly four years, this administration, the Town Board and our employees have worked tirelessly to advance the Town of Oyster Bay. From returning fiscal stability and accountability, to restoring trust….delivering the highest level of services our residents have received and improving our quality of life….we moved Oyster Bay forward from its darkest days to a much brighter place.

Just four years ago the Town faced financial ruin. Yet, in that short time, we have achieved an amazing turnaround. Wall Street has repeatedly rewarded our Town for successfully restoring financial health. While balancing the checkbook, we’re improving services, and we’re making the necessary upgrades that were long ignored. Four years ago, the Town faced a crumbling infrastructure. We invested in roadways, our parks, pools, beaches and other important destinations that were so critical to our residents before the pandemic, and essential since. We took on the quality of life issues that were dragging us down and created policies to successfully address them. From combatting zombie homes, to jumpstarting the environmental remediation in Bethpage, we’re getting it done! From constructing a new shellfish hatchery and strengthening the quality of our water, to opening new dog parks, we’re responding to the needs of our environment and our residents. Just as things were getting to the best they’ve ever been, the COVID-19 pandemic came along. Our employees have risen to every challenge – especially when it comes to protecting and providing for the public during the pandemic. We haven’t missed a beat; and our anti-tax policies have laid the foundation for the return of jobs at a time when our economy, downtowns and residents need it the most.”

“Over the past years, we successfully eliminated a long-term budget deficit. The Town went from a $44 million deficit to a $27.4 million dollar surplus.” 

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