Salman on sharing screen with SRK: ‘Our off-screen chemistry is even better’

Salman Khan has opened up on his bond with fellow superstar Shah Rukh Khan in a year that marked both of them making cameos in each other’s movies. In an interview, Salman talked about his off-screen and onscreen chemistry with Shah Rukh, and also warned his fans against bursting firecrackers during ‘Tiger 3’ shows.

Salman said, “Our off-screen chemistry is better than our on-screen chemistry. When the on-screen chemistry is so good, you can understand the off-screen chemistry”. While 2023 began with Salman making a cameo and fighting alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Sidharth Anand’s spy thriller ‘Pathaan’, the latter returned the favor in Salman’s Diwali release, ‘Tiger 3’. They are also touted to share the screen space in lead roles in the upcoming YRF Spy Universe film, ‘Tiger Vs Pathaan’.

“I always tell my fans that he is your brother’s brother, so nothing should happen to him. So my fans didn’t do that much. And I don’t see that much social media, I don’t understand this negativity and trolling, so the thing that I don’t understand does not bother me much, and neither does Shah Rukh,” Salman earlier said about their fan clubs trolling and competing with each other on social media.

In the same interview, Salman also talked about his fans bursting firecrackers in celebration of the release of Tiger 3 on Diwali, inside the cinema halls. Salman said, “Don’t do that. This is very dangerous, it is not cool at all. If these fans think that they earn my respect by doing this, then that is not the case. A fire can break out and people can lose their lives and I don’t want any accident to take place…So, do enjoy but don’t pour milk on my posters…If you have to do it, offer milk to poor children.”

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