Samosa caucus members point finger at MAGA Republicans

Washington: “In today’s extreme MAGA Republican Party, there are no moderates. They’re pushing for a nationwide abortion ban while taking our country to the brink of default. Earlier this year, Republicans drove our country to the brink of default. Last weekend, they nearly shut down the government. Now, they don’t have a Speaker,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who represents Washington’s 7th Congressional District, said after the vote to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“The dysfunction we are seeing right now on the Republican side of the aisle in the House is not something I take any joy in. The American people deserve a government that is able to smoothly and competently operate, and this GOP majority is not capable of that task,” a furious Jayapal said.

She was joined by the other Indian American congressional members who echoed her sentiments.

Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois said the events “once again exposed House Republicans’ inability to govern. The American people deserve better.” Krishnamoorthi said that House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries could be the perfect replacement as Speaker of the House.

Ami Bera of California said in a statement that the vote to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker was “an unprecedented action that showcases the dysfunction and infighting within the House Republican Caucus.”  Bera added that “instead of working on critical issues facing our country, including a delayed government shutdown, extreme Republicans in Congress have taken historic steps that could bring the People’s House to a screeching halt. This is a reckless and irresponsible use of both time and government resources while there is serious work to do for the American people.”

“Congress is at a halt, at a standstill,” said Ro Khanna of California while blaming the far-right Republicans for being more focused on theatrics than on governing.

Image courtesy of ToI

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