SANTOBA’s seminar brings people together to ‘Make Bihar Great Again’

New Jersey: Sainik School Tilaiya Old Boys Association (SANTOBA), America organized a seminar on the topic “Make Bihar Great Again” in Roosevelt park, Edison.

SANTOBA alumnus is a network of old students of Sainik School Tilaiya.

Established in 1963, Sainik School Tilaiya is completing 60 years in 2023.  

The SANTOBA community is celebrating the year 2023, as the diamond jubilee year of its school establishment. 

More than 60 prominent persons from Bihar and Jharkhand attended the event, it included many luminaries and alumni of Bihar and Jharkhand public schools and engineering colleges. Indian Consul General of New York, Randhir Jaiswal was the chief guest at the event. Addressing the seminar he encouraged and congratulated the event organizers and participants.
He asked the community to work in tandem with each alumni network to have more impact and a broad horizon for development in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. He applauded the good work done by SANTOBA, NOBA, BIT, and other networks. 

Anil Kumar Sharma from SANTOBA America welcomed all participants from NOBA, BIT Sindari, Mesra, Hazaribagh, MIT, BJANA, Bihar Foundation, Ish Yog, VanyaPrastha, DHUN, he emphasized collaboration and cooperation between all entities working for the development of Bihar to have greater impact.
Participants presented their work with the help of slides and projector and questions/answers.
SANTOBA was represented by Sunit and Braj Kishore who told the gathering about its social and other initiatives.
Jawahar from NOBA ( Netarhat Old Boys Association) was assisted by Ratan Agarwal, VP of WheelGlobal for SANGINI, social and community work being carried out in Bihar and Jharkhand for girl child’s health in schools. WheelsGlobal and NOBA called upon the organization’s collaboration with them to achieve a faster and broader result for their CSR.
Vinay Singh From BIT, Sindari highlighted the activities and the works of BIT alumni. He also discussed the significance of people coming together. 

Dr. Avinash Gupta, Sr. VP FIA and renowned cardiologist emphasized collaboration, cooperation, and synergy between all groups and reiterated “together we can make Bihar great again.”  

Sanjeev Singh of BJANA talked about the importance of coming together to achieve the result and raised a new slogan together we can. 

Ranjeet Singh of Bihar Foundation affirmed support for all social and worthy activities being taken for Bihar.
Shiv Singh an Indian army veteran, who runs Vanyaprashtha and Santan Sanstha presented his work and asked people to participate in his yagya.
Nikhil Verma, Professor, and Blockchain expert who is mentoring AlgoBharat initiatives called upon the community to join with his mission and vision of Blockchain for India, who is also developing a centre of excellence at Patna Engineering college.
Other notable speakers were Sanjay Gupta, Ravindra Mohan, and Rajesh Jee. 

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