Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission/Science of Spirituality hosts free eye checkup & cataract surgery camp

In an effort to eliminate avoidable blindness and serve society, Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission (SKRM) and Science of Spirituality (SOS) organized the 37th Free Eye Checkup and Cataract Surgery Camp in Delhi, India, on September 13, helping restore vision for several hundred. 

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As the cataract continues to impede lifestyle and daily activities for many, especially those in underserved parts of the country with limited means, SKRM helped many from Delhi NCR and northern parts of India, bringing the gift of sight to 830 patients. It was a collective effort from the volunteer physicians from the United States, who travel to India for the humanitarian cause twice a year, along with doctors from ICARE Eye Hospital, Noida, a leading eye hospital in India with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

A generous donation of supplies, complimentary surgeries with high-quality lenses donated by hospitals in the US, and tireless efforts of volunteers from India and the US were the key highlights of the six-day camp that concluded on September 18. 

The medical camp, held under the aegis of world-renowned spiritual Master and SKRM/SOS head Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, serves to identify and assess patients in need of cataract surgery who would otherwise not be able to afford the expenses of such an operation. The camps are conducted twice a year, as part of both the International Human Unity Conference (held in February each year) and the Global Conference on Mysticism (held in September each year) organized by SKRM. 


The opening day of the camp saw several hundred flock to the Kirpal Bagh grounds, the venue for the Eye Camp. Volunteers from SKRM and a team of skilled medical professionals screened the patients thoroughly. A total of 2,2025 persons were screened, with 981 deemed eligible for the cataract-removal surgery. The patients were provided all essential amenities including complimentary stay, meals, transportation, reading glasses, and other provision items for seamless care. 

It was an amalgamation of joy and relief as the patients underwent the surgeries at the ICARE Hospital. One of the patients was visibly moved and shared that the “free surgery was a blessing in disguise” helping him regain a normal lifestyle. 

“I had cataract in both my eyes… I couldn’t even see the person sitting in front of me clearly. I was unable to write, or even see the floor,” the patient said narrating the daily struggle. “After a paid surgery to one of my eyes at a private hospital a few months ago, I heard about SKRM’s free eye camp from my son and decided to come. The doctors from the US traveled with high quality lenses, and I feel nothing could have been better for me. I am happy with the outcome.” 


The doctors expressed gratitude having been able to contribute to this noble cause. “I feel we are blessed to be able to perform these surgeries year after year and to give back to the society in some way. It is a humbling experience,” said one the volunteer physicians from the US. 

At the heart of it all is the spirit of selfless service – a key tenet on the path of spirituality as taught by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. 

Sharing their experiences, the doctors said, “The eye camp is very well run through a multitude of volunteers both at the SKRM and the ICARE Hospital. I have found that most patients appreciate the improved vision after having cataract surgery… I feel it gives them more independence and they are very happy with the improved vision.” 

Reflecting on the impact that the camp has had on the daily life of patients, one of the doctors said, “The difference in having functional eyesight versus vision loss from cataract is a loss of freedom and beyond that is a loss of joy. Living vision is more than just the ability to navigate, it is the ability to see and interact with the things that you do every day. Restoring vision provides people with not only the ability to see their surroundings but the experience joy in those surroundings.” 

The camp was made possible through the generous supply of medical facilities, equipment, and donations by multiple hospitals, corporations and individuals both in India and the US.  

This voluntary service to the community has had a significant impact on the quality of patients’ lives. Over the last years, SKRM and SOS have helped over 16,000 people regain their vision through these eye camps. All health and eye camps sponsored by SKRM and SOS are free of charge and are provided in a spirit of selfless service to the community. 


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