Senate rejects Biden’s vax mandates for businesses

The US Senate has narrowly approved a resolution on December 8 to nullify the Biden administration’s requirement that businesses with 100 or more workers have their employees be vaccinated against the coronavirus or submit to weekly testing.

The vote was 52-48. The Democratic-led House is unlikely to take the measure up, which means the mandate would stand, though courts have put it on hold for now. Still, the vote gave senators a chance to voice opposition to a policy that they say has sparked fears back home from businesses and from unvaccinated constituents who worry about losing their jobs should the rule go into effect.

Under the rule, private-sector companies with 100 or more workers were to require their employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested for the virus weekly and wear masks on the job.

Republicans said they are supportive of the vaccine, but that the mandate amounts to government overreach.

Lawmakers can invalidate certain federal agency regulations if a joint resolution is approved by both houses of Congress and signed by the president, or if Congress overrides a presidential veto.

Image courtesy of (Photo: The Scientist Magazine)

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