Seniors association holds annual meet and elects new office-bearers

New York: The National Indo-American Association for Senior Citizens (NIAASC) held its 31st annual conference virtually on Zoom on November 8.  The program of this interactive conference commenced with opening remarks via video by Randhir Jaiswal, Consul General of India in New York.

The global hot issue was the subject for the conference: ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on Seniors.’ Expert speakers, well-known in their individual fields, participated who participated: Dr. Sirinivasa K. Rao, Ph.D.; Dr. Hari Har Singh, Ph.D.; Dr. Jyothi Jasti, MD; Dr. Mani Srinivasan, MD Consultant Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Hari Har Singh

Dr. Hari Har Singh, the Executive Director of National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIA), spoke about the larger role NFIA plays in organizing the Indian American community.

Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan, NIAASC Vice President, was the host and Mrs. Gunjan Rastogi, NIAASC Secretary, was the co-host. Dr. Vasundhara Kalasapudi, Founder and Executive Director of India Home in New York, facilitated the smooth running of the conference through technical support.

In opening the conference, Rajeshwar Prasad, NIAASC President, welcomed the participants and focused on the importance of precautions we all MUST take during this deadly and dangerous coronavirus, which has taken more than one million lives globally.

Dr. Mani Srinivasan.

Dr. Mani Srinivasan focused on the simple preventive measures we all should follow strictly, with a special emphasis on no close assembly, the need to remain six to eight feet away from others, frequent hand washing and to always wear a proper face mask, covering your nose and mouth completely.

Dr. Jyothi Jasti

Dr. Jyothi Jasti and Dr. Sirinivasa K.  Rao complemented the presentation with an interactive and engaging quiz about COVID-19, further providing examples how dangerous this virus can be if not handled carefully.

Dr. Srinivasa K. Rao

It not only requires professional support and guidance but equally important are the precautions people need to take on their own to stay safe.

Image courtesy of (Photos NIAASC)

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