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Time management is all about putting in the effort which very few people do. An important aspect of time management is energy management. Managing your energy levels is just as important as your time for fruitful work and outcomes. Understanding your body and the importance of rest and rejuvenation is crucial.

Time Management:

Prioritizing your work to manage time effectively:

One way to keep a tab on how one keeps a watch on time is first identifying the priority tasks. One must prioritize goals that revolve around personal leadership and necessity.

Time Management Tools:

Single Handling: It involves sticking to one task until it is 100 percent complete without switching tasks in between. Always deal with the toughest task first.

The Pomodoro Technique:

All one needs to do is create chunks of the tasks one intends to do while allotting a fixed time limit e.g. 25 minutes for a task. Get rid of any distractions from your surroundings and work honestly through a fixed schedule. Repeat the cycle to hop on to the next task or to complete the existing task.

Deep Work:

To work with total dedication and attention requires that you concentrate on your tasks like a Zen master or a monk! Deep concentration helps navigate time efficiently.

Energy Management:

Understanding energy level patterns:

One needs to identify the times of the day one is most productive and tap those hours effectively. It may also be a good idea to take a few breaks to recharge one’s batteries.

The Four Aspects of Energy Management:

Physical energy:

Physical depletion of energy can be taken care of by tiny breaks every 90 minutes. One can also get rid of drowsiness through little activities. Avoid smoking and junk food and keep heavy exercise for non-working hours.

Emotional energy:

Talking to well-wishers and loved ones, planning for the weekend, and keeping a track of your goals chart for the coming week can keep your motivation and emotional levels high.

Mental energy:

Positive affirmations, unwinding with favorite music, and taking short naps can help you keep your mental energies up.

Spiritual energy:

Yoga leads to holistic well-being. Tap into your energies through the practice of yoga, read a good book, above all take a few minutes to pray.

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