Sewa International sends 400 oxygen concentrators, seeks to raise $10 M for India

Houston: Sewa International, the Houston-based nonprofit organization that specializes in disaster recovery, education, and development, has ramped up their fundraising goal to $10 million to fight the COVID surge in India. It has volunteers working both in the US and in India, round the clock, coordinating the work of both raising funds and procuring medical equipment supplies, as well as getting the equipment and essential supplies to hospitals, institutions, and individuals in India. Sewa International is seeking the advice of a team of doctors in the US on procuring the appropriate medical equipment and supplies to be shipped to India.

Gitesh Desai, President, Houston Chapter of Sewa International, appeared on ABC 13 News-Houston, and spoke with reporter Shern-Min Chow about the 400 oxygen-concentrators already shipped to India, and 2,184 more concentrators which are to be shipped shortly to India.

Sandeep Khadkekar, Sewa’s Vice President for Marketing and Fund Development, responding to the overwhelming support for their Facebook fundraising campaign said, “We are deeply moved by the response we have received from all of you for our fundraiser. Sewa appreciates your willingness to donate for a cause that would save many lives in India. Our top priority is to procure and ship oxygen concentrators to India as soon as possible.”

“Sewa International has had a tremendous outpouring of support from individuals and organizations across the country, and the Facebook fundraising campaign has had such traction that Facebook is working with us to boost this campaign to ensure that Sewa International leverages the trust people have in us,” said Viswanath Koppaka, Director of Marketing, Sewa International. “We have about 60,000 donors who have supported our Facebook campaign, and it has been a challenge to keep them in the loop of all the work going on behind the scenes. But we also have energetic volunteers pitching in, working late into the night, to do all that needs to be done keeping people informed,” he said.


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