Shelter Rock Public Library stands for freedom of speech

A public talk by Professor Salvatore Babones, an American social scientist living in Sydney, Australia was organized by the Hindu Advocacy group of Long Island on July 18, 2023 at Shelter Rock Public Library, Albertson NY. Despite several attempts to scuttle the event, the lecture proceeded to a full house and an instructive experience; the organizers along with the Library, graciously opened the doors to all the protestors gathered outside the venue, to participate in this public talk. 

Professor Babones discussed the methodological problems in democracy and press freedom rankings which can explain the poor ratings given to India in these areas. He presented systematic data derived from the Pew research polls on self-reported discrimination in Indian society one of the largest of its kind in the world.  Self-reported discrimination of minorities in Indian society is much lower (24%), almost half as much as Asian American self-reported discrimination (42%) in the US.  

Similarly, he unpacked the methodology of press freedom rankings which are poorly constructed. It is his personal opinion that the press freedom in India is robust compared to other nations with similar GDP, although these are not the social science findings. 

The talk was followed by a meaningful Q&A session with Professor addressing them in a non-partisan approach.  

The organizers would like to thank the Shelter Rock Public library for standing up for the freedom of speech and the Nassau County police for ensuring the safety of Indian community. 

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