Soaring cases make corona issue No 1 in world

New York/New Delhi: Coronavirus cases soared by more than a million globally in just five days as the numbers continue to accelerate from week to week, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. While USA and India continue to report record number of cases, the new surge is reported in Latin America including Mexico and the Caribbean.

The total global case number surpassed 13 million on Monday, growing by 1,061,600 between July 8 and July 13. “The virus remains public enemy number

one, but the actions of many governments and people do not reflect this,” WHO Director‑General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a regular briefing. Public health experts in the US and UK are warning that if not controlled, the situation can become worse in winter during the flu season.

The United States leads the number of cases and deaths by Covid-19 in the world: 3,356,242 and 137,414, respectively early this week. On July 14, over 60,000 new cases were reported, the bulk of them coming from Florida, Texas, Arizona and California. Leaders across the country scrambled to order mandatory mask wearing and limit gatherings.

 COVID-19 cases in India crossed the 30,000 mark in a single day for the first time pushing the tally to 9,68,876 on Thursday, while the death toll climbed to 24,915 with 606 people succumbing to the disease that day, according to the Union Health Ministry data.

The country saw a record increase of 32,695 cases of coronavirus infections in a day, with Maharashtra (7,975), Tamil Nadu (4,496), Karnataka (3,176), Andhra Pradesh (2,432), Uttar Pradesh (1,659), Delhi (1,647), Telangana (1,597), West Bengal (1,589) and Bihar (1,328) contributing to around 80 per cent of the single-day spike. With a steady rise, the number of recoveries stands at 6,12,814, while there are 3,31,146 active cases of coronavirus infection presently in the country.

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