Sona Mohapatra makes it to Times Square billboard

Artist and producer Sona Mohapatra made her debut appearance on the iconic Times Square billboard in New York.

She is one of the first independent musicians to be given this place as a pop-culture milestone.

Sona said: “To be woken up in the middle of the night to see photographs of my face on a billboard covering a skyscraper in one of my favourite cities, New York was a surreal feeling. To be one of the first independent musicians to be given this place is a pop culture milestone because it paves the way for artistic expression of various hues and colours free from cookie-cutter formulas in musical mainstream success.”

Sona appeared on Times Square billboard as part of the Spotify ‘EQUAL’ global campaign leading the Indian leg. Her single track ‘Aise Na They’ is being featured on the ‘EQUAL’ playlist for the entire month.

The soundtrack for ‘Aise Na They’ has been composed by Ram Sampath with lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya and distributed by Paris-based music distribution and marketing service Believe. The song’s narrative revolves around a relationship that has lost its fizz, but a sense of optimism is infused in the track through the lovely sound of the hills with pop rock blended with ethereal flutes and tingling mandolins.

She said: “I have been consistently releasing original music for many years, have fought many battles for IP & residuals for artists and it has been exhilarating, exhausting too but now, with my indie label Omgrown Music partnering with a global name like Believe, I truly feel optimistic about the future of the music scene in India and more so for other independent voices like mine.

She added: “To celebrate this achievement, I am dropping a single ‘Ek Din – Manhattan Memories’, a heartbreak love song which would be a perfect companion for a long highway drive or a dance party.”

For the global campaign, Sona has been joined alongside other female global artists such as Meryl (France), Bowklylion (Thailand), Nadin Amizah (Indonesia) and Anikv (Russia).

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