Sonam Kapoor flies to London amid Covid-19 pandemic

After spending the entirety of the coronavirus lockdown in India, actor Sonam Kapoor and her businessman husband, Anand Ahuja, have flown to London. Sonam took to Instagram to share videos of her arrival.

“London I’m back,” the actor wrote, over a video that showed the Thames from above. “So beautiful,” she added, on footage of the landing. Sonam followed it up with several more videos of herself, unpacking food.

Sonam and Anand had returned from the UK, before restrictions on international travel were imposed.

 In an interview to Film Companion, Sonam explained that she and her husband returned to India because they wanted to be with their family in a potentially difficult time.

“I decided to come back to India right before the travel ban was imposed just because my father (actor Anil Kapoor) is 63. He’d hate to say this but he is 63, my mother is 63 as well. We all stay with Anand’s grandmother who is also around 80 years old. There was no one actually in my husband’s house just in case something happened to be there and take care of everything. So Anand and I did the responsible thing to fly back even though we were so scared to fly,” she said.

Sonam had lauded the authorities upon her return to India, and had written in an Instagram post, “I just want to say that it is incredible the way the authorities are handling the situation. It’s very commendable and laudable. We went to immigration; they again rechecked where we had been on our passports, which was extremely responsible. Then, Anand and I, had our gloves on and our masks on. Everybody also had their gloves and masks on.”

Sonam spent the lockdown in New Delhi, but flew to Mumbai once domestic travel was allowed. She marked the family reunion with a bunch of posts with sister Rhea Kapoor and the family.

Image courtesy of Instagram

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