Sonu Nigam joins NFT rush with ‘Hall of Fame’ collection

After top actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan, singer Sonu Nigam has also jumped on the bandwagon of crypto frenzy. The singer has joined hands with JetSynthesys, a new-age digital and technology company, to accept the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for his work.

The NFT collection of Nigam’s songs was launched in London to attract the thriving Indian-origin population and other global fans of Nigam. The singer said that he was delighted to launch the single ‘Hall of Fame’ which was closest to his heart and termed the song his ode to all music lovers who have blessed him throughout his journey.

NFT allows the artists and creators to produce unique digital works, and sell them directly to fans and collectors via Blockchain technology.

The collection not only features Nigam’s iconic journey and work but also includes Nigam’s single ‘Hall of fame.’ The collection has also incorporated the lyrics of the singer’s popular songs which were jotted down by Nigam in his diary.

Joining the NFT technology, Nigam said that the NFT technology is the evolution of the music industry across the globe. He further said that through his new NFT collection, he was looking forward to connecting to new people who are digital-first music lovers and art patrons.

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