Spotlight on ‘green’ crackers and earthen diyas

New Delhi: Green crackers are the most sought-after things this Diwali as various state governments in India have issued directions regarding cracker bursting.

Capital Delhi has issued a blanket ban on the sale and bursting of firecrackers in NCR till New Year. The directive of the pollution control committee states that a high level of air pollution caused by the crackers may lead to serious health issues in the region. The order also discourages large  festival celebrations  and big gatherings in violation of social distancing norms.

Earlier, the Supreme Court approved the sale and bursting of green crackers during the festivals. “Celebration does not mean the use of loud crackers, it can also be with phuljhari,” the justices  said.

Green crackers are less polluting as they do not contain chemicals like arsenic, barium, and lithium. These crackers emit thirty percent less particulate matter due to their small shell size.

Worried about the loss to the cracker and fireworks industry, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin wrote to his counterparts in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Odisha to allow green crackers this Diwali.

In Rajasthan and Assam green crackers will be allowed for a few hours on Diwali evening while Bihar government has put a blanket ban on firecrackers in Patna and three other districts.

In Haryana, the government has banned the sale and bursting of firecrackers in 14 districts adjoining Delhi-NCR. Odisha has also banned crackers while in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, no such announcement has been made so far.

Another Diwali essential India is focusing on this festive season is the earthen Diya made by local potters. After the call by PM Modi to buy locally made products, there has been a renewed interest in the young generation to use earthen diyas this Diwali.

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