Statement from AARP California State Director, Nancy McPherson, condemning anti-Asian Hate Crimes

In recent days, California has seen an unnerving wave of racially motivated violence and harassment directed at Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Even more disturbing is the fact that elders have been targeted in these racist attacks. AARP strongly condemns all racially motivated violence and harassment.

Racism is a poison that infects our society with destructive, divisive rhetoric and violent actions.  We MUST make a commitment to stop racism in all its forms – and this requires a commitment from all members of our communities.

AARP strongly believes that we must stand together to stop racism and work towards dismantling racist narratives. In the words of our founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, “If we are not content with things as they are, we must concern ourselves with things as they might become.”  We can and must stand together to stop racism and hatred in our communities.

We must all work towards making our communities places of peace and harmony, and we must reject the demeaning stereotypes and violent rhetoric that threaten the sense of safety and security that our communities need to thrive.

AARP urges everyone to learn more about how to fight racism and how to report racist violence and harassment by visiting the California Attorney General’s website, To learn how you can stay safe if you are the victim and how to help if you are a bystander visit


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