Stay Youthful, Happy, and Healthy through Padahastasana

By Atul Vyas

Surya or Sun is the light of the truth that illuminates reality. When the sun of the truth rises; it heralds the end of ignorance and the cycle of death and birth.

Sun salutation is one of the oldest Vinyasa of yoga. Vinyasa is when asanas or yogic poses are done without pausing in between. Vedic astrology and Ayurveda developed side by side with each other. As per Vedic astrology, there are twelve houses in the natal birth chart (janampatri) of a person and there are twelve asanas in this vinyasa, which we call sun salutation along with twelve mantras. Whenever one performs the twelve poses of this Sun Vinyasa, he/she pays homage to the twelve houses of their birth chart. When Sun salutation is done with Mantras, the performer aligns one’s energies with the stars of their personal birth chart.

The tenth pose is Padahastasana or Hand to Foot Pose.


  • Moving from Equestrian pose, bring the other leg forward and stand straight
  • Bend down forward as much as you can stretch the muscles of your leg and lower back
  • Place palms flat on the floor by the side of your feet
  • Try to touch your head with your knees
  • May bend your knees to facilitate head touch the knees
  • Breath normally


  • Stretches the back muscles and back thigh muscles
  • Activates solar plexus
  • Stimulates digestive system
  • Nourishes eyes, ears, memory as head receives a good supply of blood
  • Helps to cure sinus problems
  • Helps in dyspepsia, obesity, diabetes
  • Exercises hamstrings, gastrocnemius, and quadriceps muscles

(The author likes to be called a “Yoga Scientist.” He is a celebrity yoga trainer and has trained several top Hollywood and Bollywood stars. He has trained for years under many eminent yoga gurus including his illustrious mother Daya Vyas, the first lady yoga guru of India.)

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