Stop blaming us for Kabul’s fall: Pak envoy to US Congman

Islamabad: Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan, slammed US Congressman Michael G Waltz for writing to President Joe Biden seeking sanctions on Pakistan for their alleged support to the Taliban, and said that the US should stop blaming Pakistan for the fall of Kabul.

If Pakistan’s “military strategy” was somehow responsible factor in the defeat of the 300,000-strong Afghan army, whom the US had trained for so many years, then the US assessment that the Afghan army lost morale does not hold water, the ambassador wrote.

The fall of Kabul proved the futility of the investment of the United States in the country, if anything, he wrote.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan invited global criticism after he said that the Taliban are not a military outfit that his army (in Pakistan) can hunt them down.

“The contention that Pakistan’s military strategy was somehow the decisive factor in the defeat of the 300,000-strong Afghan National Defense and Security Forces — trained and equipped at the cost of at least $83 billion to the American taxpayer — does not square with the US government’s assessment about the issue of low morale, desertions and ghost soldiers that had long plagues the ANDSF,” he wrote.

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