Sun salutation renders deep physical and emotional relaxation

By Atul Vyas

Surya pratyakhsha devata” – Sun is physical God says our scriptures. Every morning it spreads light and life both. The Bhagwad Gita says, “Lord Krishna long back had given the knowledge of Yoga to Sun God first”.

Ancient lore attributes the practice of Surya Namaskar to the great Rishi Vishwamitra who gave to the world the famous most powerful Gayatri Mantra. It is also said in our scriptures “Arogyam bhaskarad icchet” – One should pray to Sun God for good health.

So it is clear that one should have blessings of Sun God for the health – the greatest wealth of all. To secure the rare blessings from the sun God one must do Surya namaskar, which should be in accordance with scriptural rules.

As per them, the worship of the sun must always be in the namaskara form. It is mentioned in our ancient scriptures “Namaskarpriya suryah” – Sun God loves salutations. These namaskaras should be done with mantras then only Sun God will be pleased and confer health, wealth, vitality, and protection on the performer as per our shastras.

Sun salutation is very transformative. Sun salutation renders deep physical and emotional relaxation as one research found out, carried by the Somax posture in the sports clinics in many western countries. Another research found out that one’s body n mind function most efficiently when one is relaxed. So doing Sun salutation increases one’s efficiency.

The sequence of sun salutation name Padahast asana as follows:


Moving from your last position of hands above your head start bending forward while exhaling, keeping your legs straight till your palms of both hands touch the floor on either side of the feet.

In case you cannot touch the floor then bend forward as far as possible. You can bend knees if your head cannot touch them while your knees are straight. Do not strain. Keep breathing normally while in this pose.

Keep your awareness on the second chakra just below the navel. People with back conditions should not bend fully and perform only under expert supervision.


  • Makes shoulders strong
  • Makes waist slim and chest broad
  • Add to the height
  • Helps in reducing weight
  • It makes spine resilient
  • Tones kidneys
  • Produces immediate and noticeable aura
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