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Ayurvedic recipes to make your Diwali healthy

Post Date: November 11, 2020

Chandrashoor Ladoo  Chandrashoor (Garden Cress/Halim/Aleev) are popular seeds and can be used to make delicious ladoos. Full of nutrients they help in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Moreover, they are very beneficial in keeping the lungs and stomach healthy. Ingredients Chandrashoor seeds - 25 gms Coconut Milk/water - 100 gm Jaggery - 300 gm Grated coconut - 100 gm Almonds - 25 gm Jaiphal powder - 1tsp Ghee...

Saatvik food for the times

Saatvik food for the times

Bhavna Singh from Kulture Kool conducted the virtual Saatvik cooking sessions organized by the Indian Consulate in New York. By Archana Athalye Director, Kulture Kool   The Covid-19 Pandemic is compelling most people everywhere to revisit their lifestyle choices to boost immunity to fight this deadly virus. To help our communities in this goal, Kulture Kool partnered with...