Taliban not committed to peace: Afghan NSA

Kabul: Afghan National Security Advisor (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib claimed that the Taliban has no intention towards being committed to the country’s peace process, adding that the militant group has totally abandoned the negotiations in Doha, the media reported.

“Taliban’s intention is clear. Taliban do not want peace, their bosses won’t allow them to make peace. It is a fact that they want permanent instability in Afghanistan,” Khaama Press quoted Mohib as saying at a press conference.

According to Mohib, the Taliban are not prepared to reduce the level of the violence in the war-torn country.

“The Taliban want to destroy Afghanistan, they just want complete power and nothing else.

“If the Taliban do not want peace, we must defend our people. President (Ashraf) Ghani is committed to peace. But the Taliban are the main obstacle to the peace process.

“We will not allow them to collapse the system and carry out their nefarious goals here,” the NSA added.

Also addressing the press conference, Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi claimed that the Taliban leadership is in Doha and were not aware of the war situation in Afghanistan.

“They are killing Afghans illegitimately,” he added.

Deputy Defense Mnister Shah Mahmood Miakhel added at the briefing that “if the Taliban want war we are ready”, Khaama Press reported.

The peace negotiations between the Afghan Republic and the Taliban have stalled over the last 20 days and violence has also remained high in the country, TOLO News said in a report.

The Ministry of Defense reported fighting between the government forces and the Taliban in at least 20 provinces in 24 hours.

Image courtesy of (rferl.org)

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