Tamil entrepreneurs share insights into their business journey at TEFCON

By Suchitra Srinivas  

Continuous innovation impacting the world around us and tasting success after stumbling on failures seem to be a common thread in an entrepreneurial journey. TEFCON presented stalwart business leaders from the Tamil community. It was a power-packed day of exchanges and networking, well delivered. 

The noticeable focus of the business forum TEFCON was the stress not just on commercial aspects of making wealth but equal emphasis on health, happiness, and family life index that adds value to the wealth creation process. In this line of thought, TEFCON presented his Holiness Shri Aasaanji in its morning session.  He stressed the need for turning to family harmony as we head towards making money. Happy and contented minds and eager to learn and work are the essential ingredients to success was the message. 

The presence of 16-year-old Indian chess master Praggnanandhaa,  Music maestro A R Rahman’s daughter Kathija Rehman and Arthi, a young woman cook on truck brought out the message that there are deeper dimensions that are so beautiful. 

M R Rangaswami, founder of Indiaspora in his addresses called for increased participation in terms of contributions to political and social causes that make the community be heard loud. An increased presence of the diaspora in the Senate is important and every effort of the diaspora should be to support this.

Indian Chess Master Praggnanandhaa brought out an interesting factor that while playing the game of chess it does not matter to him if it was a black or white choice, I give my best and not focus on the results, it seemed to reverberate much loudly in the game of entrepreneurship as well. 

Music maestro A R Rahman’s daughter Kathija Rehman said even today looks seem to dominate in recognizing talent. “I want to change the way women are looked up in the world of arts,” said Kathija, whose recent music album Farishta reverberates her thoughts.

Cook in a Truck Arthi depicted the picture of how Tamil women would look in the future. “Being a woman, brown, not having an English accent were all challenges but I stood up tall to do what I loved and, in the process, I saw to it that I added value to others around me,” she said.  

Bobby Balachandran, CEO of EXTERRO INC, in his address, stressed that entrepreneurship is not about making money, it is about having an idea to solve a problem, having a mission, and a vision. Creating opportunities for people around you and not just for you, he said. Other speakers that inspired the audience by elaborating their personal stories were Dr. A Velumani, Founder, Thyrocare, Gans Subramanian, Managing Partner, Hourglass Ventures, Venture capitalist Ganesh Radhakrishnan, Azhisenthilnathan, Founder Ailaysa, Jay Vijayan, CEO Tekion Corp among others. Nanban Foundation’s presentation was a welcome one. 

TEFCON sent out a loud message that the Tamil community is ready to write new chapters in the journey of wealth creation.

The entrepreneurs participated in a panel discussion

Chess Master Praggnanandhaa

Actor Napolen

Shri Aasaanji stressed the need for harmony in the family

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