Tektor Shields’ innovative helmets ensure safety of cricketers

New York: With a mission to more effectively protect athletes from harmful pathogens and viruses in the face of Covid-19 and beyond, Tektor Shields has set the standard for protective face shields for athletes. The New England-based company has developed a protective layer to reduce microbial viral spread through quality, innovative integrated shields for protective helmets and face coverings in an array of sports. Specializing in football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, softball and cricket, Tektor Shields is building a strong case for shields as standard equipment for athletes of all ages playing competitive team sports. 

“TEKTOR Shields was created out of necessity with the sole purpose of providing athletes with an additional layer of safety, and for facilities and sports organizers to comply with public health direction on masking,” said Marc “Jake” Jacobson, co-founder of TEKTOR Shields. “We also realize it is critical to create technologically-advanced shields designed to allow for athletes’ peak performance, while protecting their health.” 

“We’re excited to bring a product to market that improves safety for team-sport athletes during an ongoing pandemic, or simply during cold and flu season,” said Rajeev Bhatia, TEKTOR’s global VP of business development. “We believe TEKTOR Shields are a sustainable safety precaution given all the different variants and global outbreaks.” 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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