Ten Facts About Santa Claus You May Not Know

It’s almost that time of year — time for Santa Claus to bring smiles to millions of children around the world. Perhaps you know him by another name, such as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas or “Santa Baby.” He’s the jolly old man with the white beard and red suit who delivers gifts to children all over the world on the night before Christmas.  

Here are some facts about Santa that you may not know: 

  1. Santa makes deliveries to more households in a single day than Amazon and FedEx in a whole year. It’s one of the great feats of mankind, but Santa has humbly declined to have his name entered in the Guinness World Records. Humility is one of Santa’s best traits, which is why he has never bragged about having ten times as many impersonators as Elvis. 

  1. Traveling through the sky on a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer, Santa has yet to hit a single airplane. But a few years ago, he did come close to hitting a Chinese spy balloon.  

  1. Santa has resisted offers from Elon Musk and other billionaires to upgrade his mode of transportation. Musk wrote a letter to Santa, offering to build him an electric sleigh. “Imagine how many more deliveries you could make per hour,” Musk wrote. But Santa did not want to lay off his reindeer, nor did he want to sit in a sleigh emblazoned with a large ‘X.’ 

  1. Santa does not age. He has been a 70-year-old man for centuries. How does he do it? Scientists aren’t sure, but they believe it has to do with a vegetarian diet, lots of yoga, and having the ability to completely ignore politics. Indeed, Santa plans to deliver just as many toys to red states as blue states. 

  1. Santa has several toy factories in the North Pole. About 30 years ago, he named his biggest toy factory “China.” But he still receives many letters from children asking why so many of the toys they open on Christmas Day are labeled “Made in China.”  

  1. Santa has been under immense pressure to lose weight, ever since that fateful Christmas Eve in 2018, when Santa got stuck in a chimney. Thankfully, emergency workers in the town of Jollyburg, Pennsylvania, were able to pull him out. But the much-publicized incident has led to calls from doctors and other health professionals for Santa to go on a diet. Santa has resisted these calls, partly because he can’t imagine giving up milk and cookies. Santa also believes that his girth makes him more lovable and safer. How many kids would be eager to sit on the lap of a skinny Santa? Wouldn’t a pencil-thin Santa be easily blown off a sleigh traveling at lightning speed? “Self-acceptance is important,” Santa says. “Love me just the way I am.” 

  1. Self-acceptance is also one of the reasons why Santa has never used hair or beard dye. Having white hair and a white beard is part of his identity. Some well-meaning people have mailed hair-coloring products to the North Pole, but Santa has repurposed them as art supplies. “I love my white hair,” he says. “I’d die before I dye.” 

  1. Animal rights groups have expressed concern about Santa’s treatment of his reindeer. They believe that the reindeer are being overworked. But Santa insists that the reindeer get plenty of rest 364 days of the year, so it’s okay to make them work hard on Christmas Eve. He has also signed a pledge to never whip his reindeer, not even if they accidentally run into a Chinese spy balloon. 

  1. Santa has traditionally kept “naughty or nice” lists, giving the best gifts to children who have been nice throughout the year. But Santa recently suspended this practice after hearing from psychologists concerned about the psychological damage to children who are labeled “naughty.” Children should not feel that they are stuck in the “naughty” category, a group of psychologists wrote in a letter to Santa. Bowing to their request, Santa has pledged to avoid referring to any children as “naughty” and to maintain only “can be nicer or nice” lists. 

  1. Santa has no plans to retire, even if most people consider him old. He has refused many requests over the years to pose for the cover of AARP Magazine. “It’s not about your age,” Santa says. “It’s about your ability to get things done. And I still get the job done.” 

Image courtesy of Pickpik.com

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