Ten most dreamiest destinations of the world

Here are 10 options for those seeking an adrenaline rush


Best for: Winter thrills

The world’s largest island is covered almost entirely in ice – which makes for unbeatable winter sports conditions. Strap on the skis for some cross-country or head up higher on a helicopter to ski back down from the ice caps. It’s also possible to kayak among the icebergs and even scuba dive down to see what lies beneath their famously shallow surface. If you’d rather gather some speed, hire a snowmobile or take charge of a dog sled and head out there into the snow.


Best for: Urban adventures


Japanese culture may have been exported worldwide but nothing can compare to seeing it first hand, perhaps by eating sushi in Tokyo or seeing geishas perform a cultural ritual in Kyoto. Take in the culture by learning to cook Japanese food yourself on a cookery course and discover what it’s like to live in one of the world’s most frenetic cities at Tokyo’s Shibuya crossing – where you’ll join up to 1000 other pedestrians bobbing and weaving at one of the world’s busiest intersections.


Best for: Laidback water-sports


Anyone who’s seen the film The Beach knows that Thailand is home to some of the world’s very best stretches of sand. This laidback country is also home to over 3000km of coastline, much of it made up of cliffs and caves that are just begging to be kayaked along or dived beneath. Further inland, head to Kanchanaburi, where you’ll find the infamous Bridge Over the River Kwai and the multi-tiered Erawan Falls – a fantastic swimming spot that is popular with the locals.


Best for: Surprises

Myanmar has only recently opened up to tourism and remains a truly unspoiled country with a unique culture. People here are keen to share their customs and you might find yourself waylaid by morning alms or the chance for tea with the locals.

Though, security situation currently is not favorable to travel.


Best for: Mountain climbing

Smack bang in the centre of the Himalayas, landlocked Nepal is all about the mountains. Clamber up along the very spine of the globe, hiking the Annapurna range or to Everest Base Camp, and you’ll take in some of the most awe-inspiring scenery our planet has to offer – from snow-capped peaks to ancient oak and rhododendron forests. You could also go on an Asian safari, in Chitwan national park, home to rhinos and tigers.


Best for: Desert safari

The Namib desert is ripe for adventure, its dunes the perfect slopes for sand-boarding down or quad biking over, its epic rust-red landscape an unbeatable backdrop for a fiery sunset. Namibia is also home to the world’s second-largest canyon, ideal for canoeing along, and some of the best game viewing, at Etosha national park and in the lush Caprivi Strip. See how many of the big five you can tick off – that’s lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino – and look out for smaller springbok, birds and reptiles too.


Best for: Riding the rails


The Trans-Siberian Railway should be on every traveller’s bucket list, the farthest you can travel on one train, across the largest country in the world and past the point where Europe meets Asia.

Russia is fascinating but cannot be recommended till the Ukraine war ends.


Best for: Diverse adventures

Jordan may be known for its desert-scapes but this peaceful Middle Eastern country has so much more than just camel trekking and quad-biking in the dunes to offer. There’s the Dead Sea, the lowest exposed land on Earth and so salty you’ll simply float, and Wadi Rum where dramatic sandstone mountains tower over chasms lined with ancient carvings. Don’t miss the Red Sea coast too, where you can scuba dive, snorkel, waterski, windsurf and speedboat.


Best for: Trekking to temples


No visit to Peru is complete without a visit to Machu Picchu, and by far the most exciting way to reach it is by hiking along the Inca Trail. This is one of the world’s most famous treks for a reason – it combines Andean mountain scenery and ancient Inca temples with birdwatching in the cloud forest and one of the most challenging climbs you’ll ever undertake, up to Dead Woman’s Pass at 4200m. Peru is also home to part of the Amazon rainforest, ideal for canoeing, fishing and wildlife spotting.


Best for: Bringing the family


Sleeping beneath the stars in the Sahara, trekking by camel through the dunes and watching the snake charmers of Marrakech’s Djemaa el Fna – the kids will love Morocco. Make time for Essaouira on the Atlantic coast too, where the surf is always up and the trade winds make for excellent kitesurfing, and if the kids are up for it head into the Atlas Mountains for some kayaking and rafting down roaring rivers and along plunging gorges.

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