The best of fitness trends witnessed in 2021

Every year most of us plan new year resolutions that outline the importance of fitness in our lives. Whether it is to eat clean, workout at the gym a few times a week, or to simply vow to head out for a stroll. However, 2021 derailed most of these plans due to the pandemic which saw gyms shutter down for most of the year. Nonetheless, people were quick to adapt as they worked-from-home and met their fitness goals with the following fitness trends.

Online workouts with virtual training 

As heading to local gyms and your neighborhood sports complex wasn’t an option during lockdown, virtual fitness trends began to spike. People chose to connect with their trainers over video calls or zoom meetings for online training sessions. There were also group workouts like aerobics or Zumba and meditation sessions conducted online where the teachers or trainers logged in with their students and monitored them for the course of the session.

Creating home gyms

While gyms continued to be closed amid lockdown, many fitness enthusiasts opted to bring home their favorite equipment. Right from dumbbells to resistance bands and barbells, some even chose to purchase foam rollers for their home workout. There were those who brought home a treadmill to get their daily dose of cardio without leaving the comfort of their residence.

Working on mental fitness via mindful exercise

The pandemic resulted in a lot of people experiencing anxiety and a feeling of stress and dread that was attributed to mental health issues. Working on these was critical, hence some chose to look toward mindful exercise to improve their mood and general health. Right from power yoga to meditation and Tai chi, many sought to work on ways to enhance their mind and body connection.

Opting for sports and outdoor workouts

Once lockdown eased, there were those who missed the joy of the outdoors after spending over a year at home due to the pandemic. Therefore, there was a trend of switching to outdoor exercise and sports to get their daily workout instead of heading to a gym. Right from jogging on the roads in the morning for a lungful of fresh oxygen to playing football or cricket on grounds while listening to the birds chirp in the trees, outdoor workouts were preferred. (Source:

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