The South Asian Times endorses Dr. Neeta Jain
for NYC Council in the 24th District

Hicksville, NY: Running on the “Community First” Party Line in the February Special Election, Dr. Jain hopes to be First South Asian leader elected to the City Council from Queens, N.Y.

A Democrat Party leader, Dr. Neeta Jain has received the endorsement of The South Asian Times as she runs for the 24th Council District. The Special Election will be held on February 2nd, 2021.

“Dr. Neeta Jain has been a visionary and dedicated community leader for decades, and she has worked tirelessly to expand access to mental health resources, support victims of domestic violence, child education and provided the resources to the whole community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kamlesh Mehta, Publisher of The South Asian Times, a pre-eminent weekly paper for the Indian community in America.

“New York City faces numerous challenges as we head into the New Year, and we know that Dr. Neeta Jain will be a strong advocate for all New Yorkers  in the City Council.

We, The South Asian Times, support and endorse her as she runs for the New York City Council. We wish her great success in all her noble endeavors,” Mr Mehta added.

Image courtesy of (Photo courtesy Dr Neeta Jain)

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