The Spiritual Meaning of Diwali

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

The festival of Diwali, or “The Festival of Lights,” is a holiday in which families light lamps, which illumine the night. On Diwali, it is traditional to light candles and lamps. Yet, for those traversing the spiritual way, lighting candles at Diwali has a more symbolic meaning. It is a time to reflect upon the importance of lighting our inner lamps—the light of the soul.

That light within us is the Light and Sound of God. Once lit it burns forever. The Light of God is within. Once having been ignited we are in touch at all times with the Divine.

By meditating daily, we can see for ourselves the Light of God burning within. When we uncover that glowing ember, we gaze into the wonders of the Divine and experience beauty, infinite live, unending joy, unspeakable ecstasy.  As we meditate and go within, we see the same Light of God that shines in us glowing in all other people as well.

 When we rise above the body-consciousness during meditation and reunite with God, we become completely filled with peace and harmony. Not only do we live more happy and balanced lives, but also we radiate peace and joy to those around us.

We see all other people as a part of God. Once we see the divine Light of God and realize that Light is in all people and creatures, we never again hurt anyone, speak harshly, or think ill of anyone. That sense of unity breaks down the outer divisions that typically divide people. We no longer see a person’s hair color, eye color, or skin color. We no longer see the way people dress or speak. Instead, we see the Light expressed by different outer coverings, each beautiful in its own way.

 Such holidays which are celebrated as one family are an expression of our sense of oneness both internally and externally.

This holiday is a time to remember to not only enjoy the outer lights but to go within to enjoy the inner Lights. Brilliant lights await us within.The Light of the Divine glows continually. We need only to sit in meditation for some time daily to enjoy them.

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