The spiritual meaning of our birthdays

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj


People are happy on their birthdays; their faces beam with happiness on their special day. But we should consider every day as our birthday. When we go to sleep at night, no one knows if they will awaken the next morning. When we do get up the next morning, we should consider that new day to be our birthday.

This means living each day as if it were the most special day of our lives.

What can we do to make that day special? We can celebrate each day as our true birthday. How do many people spend their day? They wake up, shower or bathe, get dressed, have breakfast, and either take care of their family or go to a job, often fighting traffic to get to work. They spend most of the day earning a living, then fighting the traffic to return home, eating dinner, entertaining themselves, and going to bed. A majority of that time is spent in taking care of the needs of the physical body. Yet, there is more to life than just the upkeep of our physical body. We have a spiritual side. To celebrate each day as our birthday, we can devote equal effort, if not more effort, to finding the Divine within us.

How then should we spend our day to make it a true birthday so that our lives are really worthy of celebration?

We can celebrate each day with gratitude that we were born as a human being. Our human birth should not be taken for granted. Any other life form lacks the faculty by which they can know themselves and know God. As we lead our lives in the human form, we can realize that it is our turn to know God. Will we make the best use of that opportunity or squander it? God has given us this body to use to earn the spiritual wealth that will take us back to God. However, what do we do? We live out our lives meeting the same needs of survival as all other species of life. Most people devote the entire gift of the human form to feeding it, reproducing, and keeping it alive. We are in the most precious form one can have. We should earn the spiritual capital for which we received this body—knowing ourselves and knowing God.

For us, the day dawns when we make a connection with the inner Light and can drink from that fountain of light at anytime. It is a time of celebration, for we receive the key to the inner kingdom. We have the meditation technique by which we can go within anytime we want.  It is now up to us to make use of the gift by putting in time for meditation so we can go back to God in this lifetime. (





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