The Supreme Court seems likely to rule against a trademark in the ‘Trump too small’ case

Washington: The Supreme Court signaled Wednesday that it would rule against a man who wants to trademark the suggestive phrase “Trump too small.”

The dispute is over the government’s decision to deny a trademark to Steve Elster, a California man seeking exclusive use of the phrase on T-shirts and potentially other merchandise. It is the latest case relating to former President Donald Trump to reach the Supreme Court, following arguments Tuesday in social media cases with echoes of Trump.

The justices repeatedly invoked the phrase as they questioned whether the government was justified in denying the trademark. Elster’s lawyers argue that the decision violated his free speech rights, and a federal appeals court agreed.

Chief Justice John Roberts, positing what might happen if Elster were to win, said people then would race to trademark “Trump too this, Trump too that.”

Image courtesy of NBC News

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