The world rings in 2021 with caution, gratitude


Emaar, the master developer of the Burj Khalifa, celebrated New Year’s Eve with spectacular fireworks, animation, laser and light to ring in 2021. The dazzling display celebrated the theme of ‘togetherness’, the UAE’s success and achievements, and paid tribute to the frontline heroes of 2020.

Auckland-New Zealand , Sydney-Australia 

New Zealand and Australia had spectacular fireworks display and light show in Auckland and Sydney. The South Pacific island nation Samoa was the first to mark the new year, followed by New Zealand and Australia.
New Zealand, which has won plaudits for its handling of the coronavirus, kicked off its new year’s celebrations with Skycity fireworks and Vector Lights on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
Despite the international border closures, months of zero recorded Covid-19 cases in the community has let life in New Zealand return to relative normality.
Fireworks explode over the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge as New Year celebrations began in Sydney, Australia.

New York 

A relatively barren Times Square was the surreal setting for New Year’s Eve celebrations Thursday into Friday. With the public prohibited from celebrating in the “Crossroads of the World” due to the pandemic, the festivities were focused on making sure the broadcasts—for television, the Internet, and a new app—brought “Auld Lang Syne” to people’s homes, with performances from Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Gaynor, and plenty of confetti. 
The only people allowed within 41st to 49th streets, between 6th and 8th avenues, were a combination of police officers; performers and production crew; Times Square New Year’s eve organizers; 40 “Everyday Heroes”—essential workers—and their guests (they were tested and got to watch from socially distanced pens); and journalists. There were also many of those “tube men” inflatable figures from sponsor Planet Fitness. (

London, UK

The UK saw off 2020 and celebrated the dawn of 2021 with a fireworks and light display over London that included tributes to NHS staff. Revelers were not able to ring in the New Year in the usual way because of the coronavirus pandemic, with people instead told to stay at home. Police had to break up various parties and events across England overnight. 
Forces have handed out hundreds of fines, with several issuing the maximum £10,000 to event organizers. Much of the UK saw in the new year while under lockdown rules, with about 44 million people in England – or 78% of the population – in tier four, the top level of Covid restrictions. 
Mainland Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are also under lockdown. 
Although people were warned not to attend any parties outside their own homes, there were many around the country who ignored the rules. (Source:

 Wuhan, China

Large crowds took to the streets at midnight on Friday in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, celebrating the arrival of 2021 after a year marred by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that killed thousands there and spread to the rest of the world. As per tradition, hundreds gathered in front of the old Hankow Customs House building, one of the city’s more popular New Year’s Eve spots. When the building’s old clock reached midnight, people released balloons, cheered and called out “happy new year.”

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