There’s So Much To Experience At The Airport

I do not particularly enjoy flying, but I’ve always loved airports. As a child, I loved to watch airplanes taking off. I didn’t know how the pilots managed to get those huge planes into the air while carrying so many people and so much luggage. At least the luggage had weight limits, but the people could have just left the buffet at Golden Corral and the planes still managed to take off. 

I wondered if the pilots ever had to make an announcement like this: “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for flying Japan Airlines. Just want to let you know that the Tokyo sumo wrestling team is on the plane today, so we will be flying at a much lower altitude than usual. If you look out the windows on the left side, you will see Marie Kondo sunbathing on her fifth floor balcony.” 

What also sparked excitement for me at the airport were those magical moving stairs. I could just stand on them and be carried to another floor. But I had to be careful: if I didn’t step off at the right moment — when the stairs disappeared into the floor — I’d find myself on a ‘missing child’ poster. 

As an adult, the sight of a plane gliding toward a runway still enthralls me, but what I enjoy watching most at the airport are the people. You can see all sorts of people at the airport: people of different races, people with various faces; people dressed like queens, people in torn jeans; people eager to jump the line, people chilling like fine wine. 

You can view a full range of emotions at the airport, including sadness (loved ones departing), joy (loved ones arriving), anger (flights delayed or canceled) and bitterness (credit card maxed out on overpriced Cheetos). 

You can see a lot of love at the airport, such as the love between Yashraj Chhabra and Riiya Shukla, who recently got engaged at Auckland Airport in New Zealand. Not many people would think of proposing at the airport, but Chhabra had a good reason to pop the question there. 

“In Bollywood movies, I think eight out of 10 times, the couple would only come together at the airport,” he told CNN Travel. “The actress is leaving. The actor would run to the airport (to stop her) and they will live happily ever after.” 

The next time you go to the airport, don’t be surprised if you see three large signs: “Arrivals,” “Departures” and “Proposals.” 

It wouldn’t just be for marriage proposals, of course. It would also be for business proposals, budget proposals and I-P (Israel-Palestine, India-Pakistan) peace proposals. 

The airport is the perfect place for a proposal. If you don’t like the offer, you can hop on the next plane.  

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