Things to consider before planning a journey with pets

Pets perfectly encapsulate the notion of unconditional love. They provide us affection, instill a sense of responsibility in us, and are the most powerful stress buster. Nothing could ever match their pure sensation of sincerity around you wherever you go.

Having a great vacation with your four-legged companion is still manageable if you follow a few guidelines:

Consult with the vet before planning a trip

Speak with your veterinarian before taking your pet on a trip. Whether it’s a veterinarian for a health and medical check-up or an international pet relocation expert for the documentation process, it is a good idea to consult them before the trip.

Carry your pet’s medical documents

Make sure you get your pet’s medical records from the vet before embarking on a journey with your pet. You’ll need copies of an animal’s medical documents and certificates, as well as proof of vaccinations (particularly rabies)

Prepare the pet for the journey

It is vital to acclimatize your pet to the voyage before beginning a journey to avoid putting your pet in an unpleasant scenario. You can quickly assist your pets in overcoming their concerns by gradually exposing them to new situations. Take him on a short drive once or twice a week to help him with this.

Update the pet’s microchip

Get your pet microchipped before the journey. Pet microchip comes with a unique code and has the pet’s basic information like breed, age, color, owner’s details and helps government authorities confirm with the microchip number mentioned in the microchip certificate whether it is the same pet for whom the documents were filed or not.

Choose a comfortable carrier

Each airline has its own set of regulations for transporting a pet. However, it is your responsibility to select the suitable crate size for your pet and ensure that the cage is provided with proper food and water arrangements, an absorbing carpet, and a few toys to keep your pets entertained.

Avoid feeding your pet right before traveling

Flying can sometimes make your pets feel uncomfortable. So make sure you don’t feed your pet any solid food a few hours before your trip, or try to keep them lightly fed.

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