This Diwali, it’s all about family for Bollywood

The pandemic is still on but celebrities feel that this year it will be a better one as compared to last year. Spending time with family, indulging in delicacies and lighting diyas are what feature in the to-do list for them. However, they also are treading with caution.

Sunny Hinduja

This Diwali is special for me & my wife. This year has given me a lot. I’ve already met my parents who stay in Dubai. This year I’ll be celebrating it with my elder brother and my friends after which we’ll be heading to Ahmedabad for a short trip to meet my in-laws as their blessings is equally important for me.

Mugdha Godse

I don’t play cards and all. I have a basic party with friends, like a get together and light diyas and have delicacies. It is going to be as usual, a fun Diwali with simple things. I feel that simple things in life actually bring most happiness. A lot of friends live in our building and we celebrate it together.

Tahira Kashyap Khurrana

We will have a big family gathering away from Mumbai. Me, Ayushmann (Khurrana), the kids, Aparshakti and his wife and their lovely daughter… We will also have both set of our parents. Everybody will be in Chandigarh and we will have one big, happy, family Diwali for us.

Shama Sikander

It will be intimate one with friends and family. I am really looking forward to meeting people, this time we are really are enjoying meeting people. We haven’t met anybody properly in so long. It is nice to meet people and be happy this Diwali. It is a really good feeling seeing the world coming back to normal.

Malvika Raaj

I will be celebrating Diwali with my friends and family. We would hog on a lot of good food and we would light up the places. Not the usual crackers but we do use the chakri and the not loud ones. I have a pet so I am going to care for it and let’s all celebrate the beautiful festival with love, food and loads of fun. Also my movie is releasing on 12th nov.. so will be busy promoting my movie.

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