TiE NY chapter celebrates 25th anniversary

TiE, one of the largest global nonprofit organizations with 58 chapters in 12 counties fosters entrepreneurship through education, mentoring, networking, incubating and access to funding. 

TiE has had a significant impact on the entrepreneurial community by mentoring 25,000 startups, creating 2.5 million jobs and generating 1 trillion $ in wealth.

 TiE’s New York chapter (TiE NY) founded in October 1998 as a key chapter in the financial capital of the world recently kicked off its 25th anniversary celebration by ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ by TiE Global Board of Trustees member, Dharti Arvind Desai and TiE NY’s President, Manjusha Tipre.  

Following this was a ‘members-only’ cocktail at the iconic private client center of J P Morgan in NYC.

And finally, on Oct 14th, TiE NY celebrated 1300 Tuesdays: TiE NY’s Silver Anniversary Event at the beautiful Conrad Downtown from 4.30 to 10 pm. 

The theme of the Gala was Celebrate. Nurture. Imagine. On a magical autumn evening in New York, with more than 230 guests in attendance,TiE NY recognized and celebrated all that the TiE NY’s chapter has accomplished in the last 25 years, set the stage for NY’s entrepreneurs to be nurtured through new and old connections and mentorship, and inspired all in attendance to imagine what the next 25 years of entrepreneurship will look like. 

An absolutely riveting keynote address was delivered by unicorn founder Sunil Madhu, who is now a charter member and continues to give back and pay forward to a community that mentored and nurtured him during his early days as a first-time entrepreneur. A fantastic panel on imagining the next 25 years of entrepreneurship had leaders like Micheal Hund, Lata Setty, Lauren Foundos and Sara Hand.

The evening also showcased the best artistic talent from the Sonalee Vyas Dance Academy, Columbia Sur and sitar and tabla players, Shraman Sen and Milan Ganatra.

 Special awards and recognitions were given to the global leaders and sponsors who came from all over the world to celebrate. 

A key highlight of the evening was a citation given by New York City’s mayor Eric Adam’s office to TiE NY, which Dharti, Manjusha and the board received from Dilip Chauhan, the Deputy Commissioner from NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs. Dilip spoke eloquently about his early days with TiE and the mayor’s efforts in fostering entrepreneurship through diversity, equity and inclusion.

Also Deputy Commissioner spoke about his office and how NYC Administration is going to help the businesses wanting to establish their presence in NYC. 

On this commemorative occasion, Dharti said‘I salute the spirit of giving back of this global community and am very honored to have led the chapter for 3 years and chaired the TiE Women global program with more than 3000 women entrepreneurs impacted. We have miles to go and NY will continue to trailblaze in being a diverse, equitable and inclusive community of entrepreneurs. Such occasions not only reinforce my commitment to the TiE ethos but also motivate me to do more!”

TiE President Manjusha, Dharati and Board Members on stage during the felicitation ceremony.

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