Times Square gets a Ferris wheel for sky-high views of NYC landmarks

Times Square’s newest attraction opened Wednesday, and it’s a big one.
The Times Square Wheel is a Ferris wheel that will spin riders 110 feet into the air, offering a unique view of Times Square.
It’s located on Broadway at 48th Street, which has been closed to vehicular traffic.
“This is really exciting,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “This is going to add even more energy and excitement to a place that’s already synonymous with energy and excitement. and it’s going to be a symbol of recovery.”
Tickets prices range from $15 for kids to $20 for adults, and the mayor hopes it will kick start the area’s economic recovery.
There’s even an incentive for people who have been recently vaccinated.
If you got a shot between August 1 and September 12, you can show proof and get a free ride.
They are offering 100 free rides a day.

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