To make Mumbai feel like film city

By The SATimes News Service

Mumbai has made Bollywood, but in many ways, Bollywood has made up Mumbai too. To celebrate this, graphic designer and artist Ranjit Dahiya started the Bollywood Art Project where using the truck-art style of painting with enamel paints, he started single-handedly creating wall murals in Bandra of iconic actors such as Dev Anand, Madhubala, Amitabh Bachchan, and even the character Mogambo.

Dahiya says that in the name of Bollywood, what can people see in Mumbai – “SRK aur Bachchan Saab ka ghar? Bombay is a film city but has nothing to show for it. Classical Bollywood ko log bhul chuke hai. Who are our icons? Who made Hindi cinema what it is today?”. The purpose of his public art project: “When you enter the city, you should see something and go, ‘Oh! So, we’re in Mumbai’.”

Romantic style and unique mannerisms made him a heartthrob and box office magic – Rajesh Khanna

Image courtesy of (Photos courtesy: Bollywood Art Project)

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