Trump’ impeach trial: Party lines prevail amid high drama

 Washington: Republicans beat back 11 amendments by Democrats to bring in witnesses and new evidence and change the rules for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump during a marathon sitting that stretched into Wednesday and finally adopted the ground rules.

At the trial that began on Tuesday afternoon under the presidency of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, the acrimonious partisanship was on full display as the Senate tried to set the stage for the trial of Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

As the Senate’s trial shifted to opening arguments, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff detailed the House’s case for removing President Trump from office. He argued that the House had overwhelming evidence showing that Trump abused his office and obstructed Congress, but that the case would be even more clear to both the Senate jurors and the public if senators voted to obtain additional witnesses and documents.

That is unlikely to happen, because even the handful of moderate GOP senators are worried that subpoenas for additional documents and witnesses like former National Security Adviser John Bolton will be denied by the President under executive privilege, leading to court battles and prolonged trial, which they don’t want.

Image courtesy of AP

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