Trump is good for both America and India

By Shudh Parkash Singh

Chairman, Indian American Economic Development Council 

All of us Indian Americans have a patriotic duty towards our motherland and our adopted land. Both countries have given us a lot. I feel it’s our patriotic duty to vote and support President Donald Trump because he is the best candidate for both the countries we love. This is the main reason I invited and hosted Donald Trump Jr at my place in Hicksville. At that event, we gave them the most rousing warm welcome. They left with such a positive impression about our community that now they announce everywhere that the Indian community loves them. This was conveyed to the President also who himself said at a press conference that Indian Americans love him.

I feel proud for doing this little seva for the benefit of our motherland. Trump has a proven record of bringing the most prosperity with the lowest unemployment in US history. He is keeping America safe from terrorists with his tough stand against Islamic terrorism while maintaining great relations with peace loving Islamic nations. He is also trying to keep our cities safe by pressing law and order, which Democrats are ignoring. With Democrat ruled cities burning, we can’t risk having a Democrat rule the entire country.

Trump has been a great friend of India. At present, China is the biggest threat to India’s  national security. Beijing has evil designs to take over the world and only America is capable of stopping them. President Trump is the most vocal critic of China and he is the only one in US history to take actions against the dragon land. If the soft, pro-China Biden wins, the Communist country will have a field day in America and trample over India.

All Americans need to wake up and see the external and internal threats looming over  our great country. Democrats want to defund the police. Imagine calling 911 and they don’t have enough staff to respond? You can ensure the safety and prosperity of your family and future generations only by voting and supporting Trump. Let’s all support Trump and enjoy peace and prosperity for Four More Years!

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