Twitter ends support for iOS 9, lower versions

San Francisco, Aug 24: Micro-blogging site Twitter is ending support for all iPhone and iPad users who are running iOS 9 or older versions of the operating system.

According to a message in the app’s update text in its latest App Store released this week, only those users running iOS 10 or higher will continue to have a supported mobile client. The company’s message notes that this decision will allow it to streamline its app development for all clients, TechCrunch reported late on Thursday.

Twitter has until now supported devices like the iPhone 4, 5, 6 and their variants.

The company is now officially dropping them from their supported device line-up, meaning the device users will no longer receive feature updates or bug fixes for the Twitter app.

It’s not unprecedented for social apps to make this choice — LinkedIn and Snapchat also only support iOS 10 or higher. Facebook, meanwhile, caters to anyone on iOS 9 or above, the report added.

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