Twitter fires more than 90 percent of its staff in India

Twitter has been working towards reducing its workforce all around the world and according to reports, the company has fired more than 90 percent of its staff in India. The decision was taken after billionaire Elon Musk completed a $44 billion takeover of the company and made it clear that he will be making massive changes – both on the operation as well as organizational front. According to Bloomberg, the job cuts mean that just 12 people are employed with the company at present in India.  

The report further stated that the employees who lost their jobs belonged to the product, communications, engineering, and marketing teams. The decision was in sync with the global policy adopted by Musk which has resulted in the company firing over 50 percent of its total workforce.  

Musk has also decided to end “work from home” for all Twitter employees in direct contradiction to the company’s earlier policies. While several workers were allowed to work from remote locations, the new policy means that all people employed with Twitter will have to report to their respective offices.  

Currently, Twitter has offices in the capital New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.  

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